All the Rules of Golf

The app to resolve all disputes

Golfers come in all shapes and sizes. Good and bad, happy and sulky, exuberant and silent. Whatever their character or mood, they seldom agree on the interpretation of the Rules of Golf. That’s why we have introduced All the Rules of Golf – the app to resolve all disputes instantaneously.

Based on almost a hundred keywords, we have sorted and clarified all the Rules of Golf (well, almost all) in plain English. The statements linked to each keyword are self-contained, while tags guide the frustrated golfer onto the path of knowledge and understanding of right and wrong. All with one goal: how to deal with the age-old question of what next. This app provides the answers – a godsend for every golfer, a blessing for the game of golf.

We welcome all your comments and suggestions for improvement, and we will regularly update and expand the information in this app. You can contact us by e-mail.

Happy golfing!